There are many databases and inventories of electronic books and materials (some in an accessible format, others not). You may be able to locate an existing electronic copy of the book you need by yourself.

If the electronic copy you locate via these databases requires additional editing or conversion to hard copy Braille or Large Print, DSP will do such further editing or conversion provided a) it is a required or recommended course reading, b) an alt media request form is submitted, and c) the electronic document is not technically "locked" so as to preclude further editing or conversion (in which case you may have to provide a different version, e.g., hard copy, of the book/material to DSP). If you need assistance, the Alt Media Liaison can help you:

  • Set up an account with these e-book databases
  • Retrieve an electronic copy from an e-book database
  • Convert an electronic copy into your preferred alt media format if the material is for a required or recommended course reading

E-book websites